Monday, September 14, 2009

Elk Hunt

Saturday, we got to go on the mountain for Tandi's elk hunt. Kaybri started out the day pretty rough. She was quite tired and just not herself. Having sick kids while camping is the pits! But as the day went on, she started to come around more and more. I didn't get a chance to go out hiking at all (which sucks because I was REALLY looking forward to it) but just getting out in the mountain air, eating dinner next to the campfire and gazing at all those stars was good enough for me! Kaybri had fun. Thats all that matters....
Kaybri striking a pose on the "bridge" (log over a dried up creek bed)
Killing time at camp in the heat of the day
My cute little girl
Me and Kaybri cheesing it (I should've deleted this one. Not flattering at all....)
Joss and Kaybri resting up. (Isn't he the moodiest looking thing?!)


My Three Sons said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Carson's dad is currently in New Mexico for 10 days elk hunting as well. There are 4 of them that went so if they can all kill theirs before the 22nd, they will come home early.

Hope you guys kill a huge bull!

Karies place said...

That is quite the pose of Joss. lol Love your photos with you and Kabri. She looks just like you. Hope I spelled her name right.

The Jolley Family said...

Kaybri is so dang cute! And I love the pic of you and her together--so cute. Good luck with the hunt!

The Barton Bunch said...

LOL I love her doe rag. Oh, and I am glad to see you are wearing your glasses. ;) Hope Tandi can get her elk. That would be awesome!

Tandi said...

Those pics are way cute! I feel bad you couldn't come out hiking with us. It was so much fun. Oh, and as soon as i get my pics back from wal mart, i'll finally do a blog post, its only been since like what, april lol.


I miss white tree trunks.