Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yep, We're Still Here

We've been a little slow at updating the blog or checking emails or returning phone calls... No worries! We're still kickin! We've just been busy....
Joss' employer had to do layoffs (I'm afraid its becoming a trend in our area) and he was lucky enough to keep his job, but now he has been working a different schedule and has been really wary to slip up. I'm not sure what we'd do if he were to lose his job. I don't even want to think about it!
Kaybri has been busy with her new singing class. Its been nice to get her out with a big group of girls her age since she doesn't have anyone her age at home anymore. Between singing and daycare, she stays pretty busy and, might I add, pretty sassy. I guess that's to be expected with a 3 year old girl, right?
As for me, just work. That's enough to keep me busy. I always forget how mind consuming a new job is. You never just clock out and leave. You replay the day through your head and critique yourself on everything. I've been there two months and I have several more months of training. Bring on the hysteria. I'm bound to lose my mind before its all done but it will definitely be worth it! :)
In other news, my sister Kelsie tied the knot on the 14th. The wedding turned out really nice. Especially the luncheon that followed (always my favorite part). They had a head table where people toasted the newlyweds and they served us our meal and pushed around a little dessert cart. It was not your typical Utah wedding luncheon. It was really classy. Congratulations to Paul and Kelsie!!!
What else?..... Oh! Twilight! How could I forget?! As immature as this might make me seem, Tandi and I went to Twilight Friday night and stood in the cold for almost an hour before getting in. It was ridiculous but it was worth it. How was it? Not nearly as good as the books, but still good. Worth the frost bite ;)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Six Months Later...

Six months ago today we were busy loading our car with medical supplies, signing Do Not Resuscitate orders and loading Brody in an ambulance bound for home where he was to live out the remainder of his life. As we pulled out of Primary's, the song "I Saw God Today" came on the radio. Joss and I shared a moment of hysterical sobbing as we followed the ambulance which felt more like a hearse that day. We never thought that Brody would only survive 48 hours once we arrived home. Sadly, it was a blessing. He was in SO much pain and was medicated enough that he was semi comatose. He wasn't our Brody.
I was sick and yet relieved to let him go. I remember dry heaving all day. I remember us allowing family to take turns having a private moment with Brody that afternoon just before he passed away. There were lots of prayers and even more tears. I think it was a day that hollowed a lot of us. But Brody's spirit was too big for this cruel world.
Friday marks six months since our Schubby Buddy, left this world behind. Six months that we have been fighting to go on with our lives. Six months of walking into an empty room with an empty bed. A broken clock that idly marks the time of 6:20. No more steady rhythm of an oxygen concentrator or his LTV ventilator. No more TV mounted to the wall playing Cars or Monsters or Spongebob over and over through the night. All that is left of his room is the charity that he has instilled in our hearts. The room is now filled with hundreds of items to be donated to Primary Children's, Ronald McDonald House and Gunnison Valley Hospital. Soon after Thanksgiving, the room will be empty again. But Brody's spirit and example will go on forever in our home. Forever in our hearts.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tranquil Halloween

Our cute little witch. Kaybri had a good Halloween and got plenty of candy (too much). She went out to trick-or-treat with her Aunt Tandi and Tandi's friend Kandice for a while. After returning, she went out with Aunt Trista and her fiancee Scott. After that, we took a ride to my moms house and Joss' grandparents. It wasn't overly eventful but it was a good evening.