Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Its been a while since I've updated. We've been quite busy. First with trying to potty train Kaybri. I trained myself to take her every thirty minutes but she didn't quite get it. We decided to wait a couple more months. I try to remind myself that she has been through an awful lot the past few months.

We've also been busy with our jobs. I began training this week for my sweet new job. Its a little overwhelming but I'm so excited for it all. Joss has been busy working all he can except that the mine had some issues and Joss has been off since Friday night. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow.

Other than that, not much going on. I'm working on getting all the pics off my cell phone and into my email so I can post a slideshow of them. Hopefully I'll have it done soon.

Also, I just wanted to update everyone about our donation project. Things are still going well and we appreciate everyone's support with this. It means so much! For those of you who may not know the details, it is in a previous entry posted in July titled Giving Back. You can find this quickly by typing Giving Back into the search column on the upper left of the blog page. We are anticipating gathering items through Thankgiving weekend then deliver it all the next week. Again, a big thanks to everyone involved!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Its official! After nearly 4 months of testing, interviews and thorough background checks, I have officially been offered the job. I will start in a few weeks and I'm really excited to be able to help others. I just want to thank all of you who were references for me. I really appreciate it!! I know I couldn't have got this far without you!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Vagus Nerve

So after Kaybri's whole ordeal last week, we sought out two different doctors for answers and they seem to agree that what had happened to cause her fainting was a Vagus Nerve Stimulation. The Vagus Nerve runs from the brain stem down through the neck and eventually reaching the abdomen. When she threw up, it stimulated this nerve causing the heart to slow down and then for her to faint. We've learned that many factors can stimulate this nerve such as persistent hiccups, vomiting, rapid swallowing, stress, difficult bowel movement, urination and more. These things can possibly cause her heart to slow or even, in rare cases, stop. At this point, the doctors do not seem overly concerned. The only thing that appears to cause this stimulation in Kaybri is vomiting. There doesn't seem to be any necessary treatments or anything. Our best suggestion is to simply lay her flat with her chin up (to give her a good airway) and let her heart rate pick up. If the heart stops (although it is unlikely) initiate CPR and call 911. . . Just another thing to keep us on our toes I guess!

Another Engagement

Sunday I received a phone call from my sister, Kelsie, announcing her engagement to her boyfriend, Paul. She is currently living in Cedar City going to school and that is where they met. I really don't have many details to share at this point, but I'm pretty sure I am going to be one busy person this fall with all the wedding planning but that is okay. I'm excited for them!