Tuesday, February 26, 2008

With great illness comes great fear

Brody recently fell ill with Pneumonia. Also, his active Staph infection flared up and complicated things. Since we are so "seasoned" in respiratory illness, we did not have to hospitalize him. We have been able to care for him at home. Its taken a little longer for him to get better without daily shots and IV's but its been worth it to avoid him picking up a secondary infection. Never knowing if "this time" is the last time, I broke down a couple days ago. I remember asking myself "Why does God insist he suffer?" We pray for Brody's health but there are also times when we pray for God's mercy. Sometimes, you just don't know what to pray for... But as of right now, he is recovering well. We've been delighted to see him smiling again. Its nice to have our Brody back, for however long it may be.

Friday, February 15, 2008

In Better Spirits

Over the past few weeks things have been going well. Brody has been relatively healthy and Kaybri has learned how to get around really well with her cast. She will still run and jump and kick with it. Nothing can slow that girl down! We are anticipating removing the cast the end of this month. I have a feeling it won't take long before there is another. . . Brody has started therapy again recently-though the school district. They have only come a couple time but Brody is already in a brighter mood. Its been nice to see him so happy and lively. This, of course, makes things a little less stressful for Joss and myself and makes the days a lot funner. As you can tell, things are going pretty well for us lately. I hope it stays like this for a while.